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Additional Properties Serviced by A-K Enterprises LLC

  Harrison -  Rented                                              Childers - Rented                                            Hickory Bluff - Rented                                              Medford - Rented
  Harrell - Rented                                                            Windermere - Rented
  Leyton - Rented                                                            Alpena - Rented
  Donna- Rented                                              Flower Valley - Rented
  Coventry - Available for Rent                        Sybil - Rented
  Pera - Renovations                                                       Dove AveRented   
    Dupont - Rented                                                           Burnham CvRented    
    Basswood - Available for Rent                                 Summit Ridge - Rented                     Allen - Renovations                                                      University -Rented                                             University - Rented                                                     Thames - Rented         

A-K Enterprises LLC provides tenant screening and property investor services to tenants and local/out of state property investors. We assist out of state and local property owners with investment property selection, property background investigation, negotiation of purchase price, contract preparation,local background checks,tenant selection, lease agreement preparation,rent collections and court evicitions
             2016 - 2017 Investor/Tenant Services Fees

 Real Estate Sales Commission Fees - Flat fee of $1,200.00 per real estate transaction  for  purchases $37,000 or less, 3% of purchase price per real estate transaction of  $37,000 or more.

 Investment Property Consultation Fee - $250.00 includes property viewing and recent  sales  comps

 Broker Price Opinion - $100.00 Exterior, $75.00 Interior within 25 miles of Memphis

 Tenant Background Checks - $45.00 per applicant (Paid by Applicant)

 Investor Services Rental Retainer Fee - $250.00

 Rental Collections - 10% of monthly rent

 Court Appearances - $30 per hour (two hour minimum)

 Court Document Preparation - $75.00 per document